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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Amado Mural, 2014 Amado Youth Center

I am glad to say that finally after much ado, I have neared completion of this wonderful community mural. I worked with the youth from the Amado youth center to get ideas about what made their community special, then I mad some sketches, we chose one, and this is how it turned out!
No bad!
Ii did most of the mural alone due to scheduling conflicts with school , but last tuesday we had a blast working on it as a group. Kids and adults from all around Green Valley and Amado landed a hand and it was very fun and exciting!
Thanks Amado, and Amy Bass from Compass Behavioral Healthcare for the opportunity as well as the community in Amado and Ed Dunin-Wasowicz.

Kids from Amado, the Santa Rita mountain range and native flora and fauna now inhabit the wall of the Amado Mini Mart at Arrivaca Road Near the Cow Palace, BK's BBQ, and The Infamous Long Horn Grill.

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Mural in Amado Az!! 2014

I'm so glad to say that I am starting another new community mural  in Amado AZ again, it's in the beginning process. Here are three sketches I produced, Indiana is standing in front of the little sketches I painted for them to look at and choose from. The other photo is of the final sketch I came up with after the meeting.

We discussed native species of animals and plants in the area, including their dreams of what Amado could be in the future. They were excited about Amado one day having their own high school, or a foot ball field possibly. Ultimately, every one decided on the native flora and fauna with some local smiling youth in the center, as the youth are the future of any place.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm excited to begin again on this small town community building project that both beautifies, infuses art into the lives of the participating people and is a fun project too!!
If your curious where Amado is, it is 40 mi. so. of Tucson, and about 40 mi. north of the border, population, around 300 people.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Tumblr! 2014

I am just writing a quick note to say that If you'd like to see new paintings, I will be posting that at Please please please check it out, read, post and repost, and let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you!!
 This blog will remain for referencing my old work and updates on murals and other community based things I do.
Thanks so much for occasionally visiting me here on the great big ol webosphere.....
Leanne C. Miller

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have been incredibly busy this summer, I can't even begin to explain, but I was hired to do a mural with at risk youth in Amado, a small town 40 miles south of Tucson, I took the job, which lead to another job, working at the Youth Center itself and a slew of other fun things. Here is a blurb on the mural I wrote recently for a local newspaper:

" Kids from Amado of all ages have been participating in a project that boosts confidence and builds team working skills while keeping them off the streets and is also a lot of fun! I, Leanne C. Miller, along with Compass behavioral Health care, worked with the community in Amado and Green Valley and the other surrounding areas to select some visuals that represented the spirit of the area and it's people. After many meetings and working with the kids at the youth center, I came up with a final drawing which consisted of Elephant Head rock and surrounding landscapes, the Longhorn grill, the Amado Territory, the youth center along with native flora and fauna. Bob and Amy at the De Anza RV park in Amado donated space for us to paint in, and the painting begun after I drew on the images onto the wood panels. The mural, when finished will span 32 feet, and will be 6ft tall! We should be done mid August, just in time for school! When it's done it will sit at the La Sombrilla next to Kristofer's restaurant in Amado, Az. The mural will also travel locally, an exciting aspect that most murals don't have, it will go to local festivals and fairs all over southern Arizona. Keep an eye out mid August for an opening party for the mural we hope to have.
    For more information on Leanne C. Miller, a Graduate student in Fine Art at U of A, see her work , for commissions and murals, contact her at  Also see , ,"

Here are the finished original sketches!

 "Elephant Head Rock" over the Amado Territory and the "Long Horn Grill" : above

                                          The Youth Center and the YOUTH! of course!

And,...some fun pics!!
Indiana, her bother Choco and Johnny paintning away!!!
                                           Ok, a selfie.....and the kiddos, working away on 32 feet of mural!
We had a full house this day! Indiana, Johnny, Nettie from Sahaurita High school,  sistersTamika, Kalika and their little brother Mario!
Me, Indiana, Mario, back ground, Nettie(blue hair) Johnny and Kalika and Tamika waaay in the back, 32 feet away!
After a long day of hard work!
Funny face shots....
me n the kids, I'm one of the short ones....

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lower Haight street Neighborhood Association mural Fall 2010

I think this mural is not on my blog, I did it in fall 2010 for the Haight street neighborhood association along with other artists having their own designated parts of the wall, with the likes of Jeremy Fish and Dose, and Mars 1
Leanne C. Miller

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gregory Lindquist mural at Tucson Museum of Art, Nov 2012- March 2013

I recently had the opportunity to help a talented and established artist, Gregory Lindquist, paint this mural for "Broken Desert" at the Tucson Museum of Art. He flew out from Brooklyn the week of Hurricane sandy, left the Chaos behind, to show his work, visit his Mom, Make new friends and show his paintings of landscape.
Gregs process for this mural is projecting parts of the image he reconstructed from a photo in photoshop one layer at a time to create the disjointed landscape. This image is of a distorted, slightly digitized picture of a copper strip mine, called the Lavender Mine south of Tuscon here in Bisbee Arizona.
You can see my name here, I helped Saturday and Sunday, totally worth it and fun. Greg is a very intelligent and informed artist. Having the opportunity to work with him was a pleasure and he is great to talk to about contemporary art.
Mr. Lindquists final piece, with a painting as a final touch. It was a great show. Its up till March 3rd on the U of A campus at the Tucson Museum of Art.