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Monday, July 21, 2014

New Mural in Amado Az!! 2014

I'm so glad to say that I am starting another new community mural  in Amado AZ again, it's in the beginning process. Here are three sketches I produced, Indiana is standing in front of the little sketches I painted for them to look at and choose from. The other photo is of the final sketch I came up with after the meeting.

We discussed native species of animals and plants in the area, including their dreams of what Amado could be in the future. They were excited about Amado one day having their own high school, or a foot ball field possibly. Ultimately, every one decided on the native flora and fauna with some local smiling youth in the center, as the youth are the future of any place.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm excited to begin again on this small town community building project that both beautifies, infuses art into the lives of the participating people and is a fun project too!!
If your curious where Amado is, it is 40 mi. so. of Tucson, and about 40 mi. north of the border, population, around 300 people.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Tumblr! 2014

I am just writing a quick note to say that If you'd like to see new paintings, I will be posting that at Please please please check it out, read, post and repost, and let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you!!
 This blog will remain for referencing my old work and updates on murals and other community based things I do.
Thanks so much for occasionally visiting me here on the great big ol webosphere.....
Leanne C. Miller

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A minor update...More to come!!

I have recently joined the Thumbtack community, please check out my profile! I'm under Fanciemammal Arts Tucson.  You can also leave a review of my work there if you have worked with me!!

Some New work, I did these in January. I have more but I am busy with my last week of school, Updates to come!!
Life is good, hope yours is too!

I just joined "Thumbtack" to help grow my business and expand my exposure. What business do I mean? I am referring to commissions for murals or paintings, installations, also for teaching jobs that are art related, and hopefully one day, non-profit work! You can view me, or review me if you have worked with me before at:
So far thumbtack seems like a really exciting way to grow my self as a practicing artist in terms of income and resume building. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy my thumbtack page, and hey, join for free yourself!
Leanne as "Fanciemammal Arts, if you have worked with me before, then leave a review!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Flier for a group show I am in next week.

Here is a flyer for a group show next week, should be fun, I look forward to seeing some people there. Especially since my work is becoming so abstract as of late!

xoxo, and Happy New Year!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

MFA Candidacy 2013, Well THAT was fun.....

I just passed candidacy, but at the expense of my sanity and grades for my academic classes.
I began the installation with work I did a year ago. It was based on some movement studies I did. The transparent qualities of the figures  (the four on the left here in the first pic) represented ephemerality. I called them "Ephemerality studies".
Next I began to make work about group consciousness and the attempt to manipulate the world through our thoughts, prayers, hopes and intentional thought. I was also thinking about an experiment called the double slit experiment where it could be interpreted that a conscious observer effected the outcome of the experiment, at least on a quantum level. This further influenced my ideas on the potential power of consciousness. Group or otherwise.

I called this series Quantum Consciousness.

After last semester I considered loosing the characters in the1800's imagery ( I focused on the Spiritualists as representative of focused, intentional group thought), and focused on stencils I made of hands and arms reaching out from ephemeral fog of loose charcoal and ink.

I set up six chairs for my inquisition, oops I mean my candidacy review. I'm kidding, it was ruff, but really good also. Not because they were so nice, but because I had a real and honest, well thought answer for every question they threw at me. I was prepared and it felt good. 

Here are some pics from a wall installation I did  for the review. This is all new work from this semester. 

I went on "pilgrimages" foraging for decaying objects representative of the endless cycle of decay and recycling of of energy. I also found some "Descansos", also known as Roadside memorials, these also represented found objects and the same cycle of decay, group thought, memorialization pilgrimage etc.

The red dots represent spots I went hunting for the found objects.

Some of these smaller pieces are from small parts of the Descansos I focused on. 

I was told three and a half weeks ago I wouldn't pass Candidacy, I had long nights and days in the studio and my partners garage making panels to adhere 44 different pieces to. Yes, I made them all with Zak in his garage, in three weeks. He has been a huge help and I am indebted to him, and his patience and kindness during this time. I was crying thinking I wasn't going to pass, I was stressed, I was gloomy, judgmental, even short tempered on occasion, but he stuck by me every day and helped me make progress every step. I thank him, Zak Guigere, whole heatedly. Without him I probably wouldn't have passed.
 I also thank myself for not giving up and pressing on. Even thought I came down with a terrible Flu two days before the review, and had been fighting it for weeks before hand! I made power points and wrote and re-wrote statements, it was a lot...of work. In the end It was all worth it, but of course my professors said I only passed because of "my research", apparently my work was shit, but I danced like a monkey to their liking. Its pretty insulting, but at least I passed. I have resigned to the fact that not one professor in the 2D department will ever, ever say, I like this, good work. No matter how hard I try. I also am beginning to think I shouldn't care either. Just keep working, get out of here, and possibly go home where I belong, the SF bay area. Where my friends and support are, where I don't feel like  failure or an idiot, BTW, my artists statement was "horrible and repetitive", " the same thing over and over again". Funny, cause a professor re-wrote it for me and I went with all her suggestions for the most part, AND... she is a published author. Which only further proves they just will never give anyone praise for anything, at least not me. I hate it here sometimes and realize what a mistake I have made. But all in all, I will make lemonade from lemons.
That ended gloomy, so, I am happy I passed and the rest of the semester I can catch up on  homework and papers that fell behind and make work that won't be under a microscope, at least for now anyway. I'm grateful for that!

My suggestion to anyone thinking of getting an MFA, get to know the school, ask people in the program what they think, try to get an honest opinion of that place, IN YOUR DEPARTMENT specifically. Try to see if people are happy, and don't go anywhere people throw money at you to go there, if it seems fishy, like a bribe. It seems silly to say, but if you can, don't let money influence where you go. Go to the best school you can with the best, most supportive faculty you can find. It will make all the difference in the world. 
 Thanks for reading, and have a great day.